Note that the time to expiry for a pass starts when you first use it. The type of pass (i.e. We will be arriving at airport then taking taxi to Watercolours. If you go via Hamilton City and combine Ferry and Bus, then pass will be cheaper. I will be going to horseshoe beach(1st day), elbow beach (2nd day), and the crystal caves(3rd day). Transportation workers went on strike the third day and was refused a refund. Exercise increased caution in Côte d’Ivoire due to COVID-19, civil unrest, crime, terrorism, and upcoming elections.. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. However note that 3-zone and all-zone fares come into play only in case of tickets, tokens or cash. All passes work until midnight of the day purchased. However there are exceptions. Tip for culture buffs : Don't miss the Festival du Train Bleu running from March 30th to April 15th and featuring a host of activities and cultural events on the railway theme in the towns served by the train. Reading some of the question from your readers, I came across a few areas, when purchasing tickets or passes if using a credit or debit card one does have to show a photo ID it is government policy. Go down to the nearest post office (either at Somerset or Mangrove Bay, 8am - 5pm on weekdays) by paying exact fare in cash or using tokens. we are a family of 7 interested in purchasing a booklet of transport tickets. Thanks. I read that cruise lines may have 2 or 3 day passes but a book of 15 tickets would suffice for us. Will these passes ( ex. InfiniGold Pty Ltd is a software services company that uses proprietary technology, specifically tailored to digitise Perth Mint gold, and is perfectly fit-for-purpose in creating digital investment products.. What's in GoldPass? Unless the BnB has tokens or tickets available we will not have anything but cash or charge card. Love your site and looking forward to visiting Bermuda in July. They should accept us$ coins at the ferry (certainly quarters). Hello - we are traveling on a cruise to King's Wharf and interested in Transport Passes. Is there any way to pre-purchase a book of 15 tickets and have it sent to to the US or so they have electronics ticketing? The cash fare for both bus and ferry for all zone (14-zone) ride has been increased from $4.50 to $5.00, and for 3-zone from $3.00 to $3.50. Thank you. My question is:  Should we buy a 2 day pass for all zones. Here you will get only passes and tokens for buses and ferries, but not tickets. This is what we would like to do 1 - from the ship go to the dockyard 2 - from dockyard to horseshoe bay - 3 return to ship. It will be Monday afternoon. That would be the only time we would use the Ferry, wouldn't be using the Bus. If you plan to use the buses and/or ferries extensively and several times a day, then a, If you make only limited number of bus/ferry trips over a few days of stay, then, However, if you just want to make a one off trip to a place and return, then using a. In fact, the tickets seemed so much more economical, I thought she was giving me the wrong price! Passes and tokens are sold only by Visitors Information Centers and tickets by post offices. They have started accepting credit cards here. Hi Raj, First, as many have said: your site and your information are great!! For a short ferry route like the Pink Route which connects Hamilton, Paget and Warwick, a 3-zone fare will apply. However note that passes expire at mid night and do not work on 24-hrs basis. In the connecting bus, you should show the transfer slip to the next driver. Planned to: 1. one day do your 1/2 day itinerary beach walk for Horseshoe/Warwick (bus to and from), 2. one day go to Hamilton to sight see/maybe Coco Reef IF my husband does not go fishing (I am so disappointed no Wed. Street Festival in Oct!) Thank you.... Hi, you won't get tokens on-board the ferry. Hi Clare, For 3 weeks stay, you will need to purchase a monthly pass. Please ask the local tourist offices for details. I would like to ask your recommendation to purchase bus/ferry passes on a Sunday. We’ve tried but we can’t find what you mean!Check the spelling or try some less specific keywords. NOT a resort or hotel facility...there is also a concessionaire located at Daniel's Head Park, located along the western shore (calm/flat water/no surf), approx...10 minutes via taxi or shuttle van from the King's/Heritage Wharf cruise ship pier at the Royal Naval Dockyard complex, that rents chairs, umbrellas basic snorkeling gear, water toys and offers basic 'beach food' (extra cost). Are US dollar coins accepted, or will we need to bring lots of US quarters? The line goes through a plethora of tunnels, plunging you into darkness for a second before the azure waters of the Med come back to dazzle you !WOW ! Many thanks, Raj. If I purchase a single book of 15 tickets, can they be split up with my family for travel on the buses? The 3rd option is to take a bus all the way (2 hours). We are planning to take the Orange route to St. George on our first day there, could you please tell me where we can get the booklet in St. George? However bus to next bus connection is free. You will need to buy the pass in Bermuda and by paying cash. Hi, Dockyard Visitors Information Centers have started accepting credit cards other than cash. Here are my plans...what is best for us?? The Côte Bleu train definitely offers one of the most impressive view of the Med you'll ever see. I would appreciate it very much if you could provide us with specific locations in St. George for getting the aforementioned items. Usually you will get tokens and passes in several hotels and guesthouses, but not tickets. 7867 Querbes Street Montréal, Québec H3N 2B9 Telephone: 514-507-9123. I would like to buy everything (tokens and passes) all at once so I don't have to wait in line again. You will need a ticket or a token for each part of the journey (so four per person for the return journey). Please let us know about your experience by completing our easy online feedback form. But with cash, ticket or token, you will need to pay additional $4.50 for the 2-wheeler. Once you reach Hamilton City, buy a pass from the Visitor Information Center located there. My sister and I am going to Bermuda for the 1st time at the end of September (on the NCL Breakaway) and we're not sure what we should do. Hi, Tickets from a book can be used by different people. If you buy a pass (say for 2 days), then you can hop on and off the buses as well as ferries any number of times for two days. Discover our guide to Provence's top craft beers is packed with local flavours, such as honey, lavender and chestnuts. Thanks. Hi Raj...  My question: we're going to be there for two days and may or may not use the Ferry/Bus system on the second day. While the bus/ferry fare depends on the mode of payment (i.e. Raj - I've cruised to Bermuda multiple times; love the island! Fax : 04 91 33 01 82 You also need to be aware that a ferry requires token, cash or pass; bus transfers don't apply. Tel: (441) 292 3851. Question 1 closest place to buy tickets or tokens from ship, Question 2 what is the price of tickets or tokens for all journeys, Question 3 what is the best to use currency American or Bermuda dollars, Question 4 frequency of buses. As an author of this website, he shares deep insights on Bermuda and related areas of interest. Since we are visiting in February darkness might be an issue as Watercolours is not a stop on a  bus route. Stop-overs are not allowed in transfers. Does the bus accept dollar coins or just quarters? I don't know if that's possible though. It takes 20 minutes one way by ferry compared to over 50 minutes by bus. It is an unmanned desk where you will get maps, brochures and booklets, but no other services. Thanks. Other than in Hamilton, you can get tickets in all Post Offices across the island. We are 6 little ole ladies arriving at King/s Wharf in Bermuda May 8th, Monday, 2017, and leaving Tuesday at 5pm, from reading your reviews I understand that we can purchase bus tickets at the Water Street Post Office. Hi, yes it's all correct :) ... in fact one of you can go down to Hamilton by ferry (paying $5 in cash), buy the book of tickets and get back... that way you can save three 1-day passes. Are they still good to use on the island? Note that post offices (other than the General Post office in Hamilton) are open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. My question was that if we cannot buy tickets on the ferry then where do we buy tickets from .. My cruise is coming to Dockyard and there is no place there that sells tickets to Hamilton or St George.. they sell only passes. Do you think people will buy passes then? However, note that it is unlawful to buy or sell individual tickets. There is no system of pre-purchasing tickets or passes and getting them delivered to your country. This was at approximately 1 PM. However they might return the change in Bermuda currency. We will be arriving on a ship with many others and would like to avoid large wait times if possible. Thank you. Free rides are not applicable to seniors who are foreign nationals. We tested... the Côte Bleue coast by train. Just the opposite of the rest of the world. In St. George's, you can get tickets from St. George's Post Office at 11 Water Street (short walk from the town square). The bus stops in Bermuda have poles jutting out of the ground that are either pink or blue in color. Do I have a chance of getting $20 back on the two tickets I bought? We never get any feedback on this. Originally I had thought I would buy 4 day passes but now am considering 15 ticket book instead. But that'll take much longer time (about 1.5 hours compared to 35 minutes by direct ferry). To expedite our travel to Hamilton I was planning on purchasing Transport Passes. Pass Details. Bermuda Day Passes Experience a resort day pass in Bermuda! One can hop on and off. Indeed, it is one of the aspects of Bermuda that brings us back. Ferries take tokens ($4 one way) and passes. We have little time and I'd hate to waste it waiting in lines at the VIC after we dock. If they have them in St George, do I get them at the post office? Sign up to receive exclusive travel deals, trip ideas and more. Regards, Raj, thank you so much for all the information you have already provided. (I'm visiting three weeks from now and am modifying our shopping and restaurant plans. This is not new, and could have certainly been addressed in a more positive way. Picnics are a great way to escape from routine and spend some quality time with friends, family or your partner. Department of Public Transportation . All types of change (coins) are accepted in buses and ferries. You are about to leave for an external website that is not maintained by the U.S. Department of State. 6 tokens, and use them any day I want? Fares for resident students are the same as child fares. Thanks so much for helping me untangle my transportation quandary! Or if so, please let me know where. To cater to this new generation of residents and tourists, we simply had to hunt down some on-point addresses: modern and offbeat, architectural and arty, never-before-seen and places to be seen. But, a pass for my first day would be a waste as I will have already spent $5 coin on the bus and will only need a token ($4.50) to ferry to my accommodations. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of State of the views or products contained therein. We don't want to wait in line to buy them at the dockyard. They have not been punched. You will get bus/ferry passes in a post office. So it's obvious they are not made easily accessible to tourists, as the tourism department would like you to buy passes. The VICs at Dockyard and St. George accept both cash and credit cards, but not Hamilton VIC (this has remained a mystery though). Will likely buy a 4 day Pass. Their is 4 people in my party, what do you suggest I buy. **Tip for photographers **: Sit on the left side of the train so you're nearer the sea. I read that only coins are accepted, not dollar bills. It is typically used by the local daily commuters. Free travel on the Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur public transport network for just 4€ per day! Thank you so much! Check with Coco Reef. i.e. Otherwise the blue route operates directly between the dockyard and Hamilton city. I've been visiting Bermuda since 1966. We as workers have an inherent human right to dignity. One of the reasons they stopped issuing passes or tickets is because luggage is not allowed in public buses. May be , but only when the math works the other way in some rare cases. If you have a pass, then there are no limits to rides anyway. The way the schedules are set up, I do not know if I will have the time to stand in a long queue waiting to buy a pass and still make the ferries. Please fill out the form below, and we will send you additional information about Bermuda. I don't know why they stopped doing this because it makes it so inconvenient for visitors to get the tickets on the weekends. For many years we could buy the bus tickets at the airport when we arrived in Bermuda. With one booklet of tickets, you can make 15 one way trips." There was a kiosk next to the ship where I bought tickets #328825 and 328826. A blue pole means the bus is coming from Hamilton and going towards other destinations in its route. At dinner that night, after the ship had sailed, one other person said they had gotten a $10 refund on their three day pass by going somewhere else besides the place where we bought it and had found this out by accident. Regards. For example the 1-day adult fare increased from $12 to $15 and 7-day from $45 to $56. Hello, Can you pay US cash money such as a $5 dollar bill for the Ferry or does it have to be coins? Validity period is always in consecutive days. I read on the website that "Tickets that come in booklet of 15 can be more economical. By the way, tickets are not available at dockyard. If you are going towards west from St George, then Bailey's Bay Post Office in Hamilton Parish can be one you may try. Launched in 2008, this website is Bermuda's one of the leading sources of information since many years. Hi Anne, Let me try to demystify your state of quandary. Two views, one price! An idyllic walking experience between sea, arid garrigue, fishing harbours and sun-baked hills. This is a short bus ride and will cost only $2.5 in token. Choose between a beach pass at the famed Elbow Beach Resort & soak in the beautiful views or opt to relax by the pool & indulge in a 3-course lunch at Coco Reef Resort!

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